29 JAN - 4 FEB | 2018 | Herrick Gallery | Mayfair | London

ABSOLUTION is a solo exhibition by Camille Sanson reflecting her personal journey into motherhood. Through their making and narrative progression, the photographic series explores the depths of the shadow and play between dark and light. Similar to the process of developing black and white photographs in a dark room, and metaphorical relation to conception and birth, the images transition from darkness and emerge with renewed existence in the light.

Wetiko1007 1_1.jpg

Produced in close dialogue and collaboration with artist and mental health advocate Gina Harrison, Absolution takes viewers through the difficult process of facing and letting go of one’s fears. Realising the affective nature and effects of her own fears, Camille delved deep into the collective pain of the feminine as a source. The images expose Camille’s experiences and healing of past wounds regarding a fear of childbirth and motherhood, but also address issues related to wellness and mental health often concealed due to social and cultural stigmas.

The artist intends to show how in embracing and exploring darkness, we can find liberation and eventual progression, freeing oneself from patterns and ideologies that exist as harmful limitations. Although the images still carry Camille’s signature technical style, they are a departure from her editorial and still life works - remaining as natural as possible to honour the female form.

Absolution Collaborators:

Gina Harrison | Model and Artist
Jaime Davis | Curator
Einat Dan | Makeup Artist
Lan Nguyen | Makeup Artist
Joey Beven | Mask Maker
Victoria Spicer | Set Design
Laurie Noble | Photography Assistant